All our wines are award winners from the most prestigious official French fairs

Vinessen selects its wines from award-winning wines from the most prestigious French official competitions. This selection represents between sixty to seventy displayed wines. A jury made up of a variety of wine specialists (such as oenologists, traders, learned consumers, producers, wine stewards, or brokers) award either a gold, silver or bronze medal according to rigorous quality and taste criteria. Then, Vinessen tests the award winning wine a final time once it has been bottled. Vinessen emphasizes the quality of the wine keeping in mind to offer the best value for money to its consumers and the best packaging. Every wine has to be an incomparable taste experience for the final customers.

Pink Wine


Rhône Valley

Côtes du Rhônes, Prestige le Serre



IGP VAR GRIS, Gris de Rose

IGP VAR Cabernet, RR Cabernet

IGP Syrah, RR Syrah

IGP VAR, 100% Merlot

IGP VAR, 100% Cabernet

IGP VAR, Miss’T Gris

Coteaux Varois, Les Reflets

Coteaux Varois, Coulet Redont

Coteaux Varois, Les Restanques Bleues

Coteaux Varois, Les Restanques Vertes BIO

Côtes de Provence, Domaine Saint Martin

Côtes de Provence, Domaine Les Trois Terres

Coteaux Varois, Château La Riperte

Côtes de Provence, Domaine de Pontfract

Côtes de Provence, Château de Pourcieux

Côtes de Provence, Saint Etienne du Clocher

Côtes de Provence Sainte Victoire, Château de Pourcieux

Bandol, Domaine L’Olivette


AOP Corse, Domaine Fazi

White Wine



IGP VAR Gris, 100% Rolle

IGP VAR, RR Chardonnay Colombard

Coteaux Varois, Les Reflets

Coteaux Varois, Les Restanques Bleues

Côtes de Provence, Château de Pourcieux

Bandol, Domaine de l’Olivette