Souvenirs de Paris and Liquors

Eiffel Tower Gourmet:

These products include Eiffel Tower biscuits and shaped sweets/candies. The biscuits are unique and made by craftsmen from a French biscuit factory. The mold needed was desidned by Vinessen.

The craft manufacturing of lollipops is composed of sea salt from Guérande (French municipality). 

Finally, eight sugar canes placed in a design bound box, is the last creation. Vinessen sales its range in the Eiffel Tower gifts shops.

5cl, 20cl, 50cl

Tour Eiffel XO Brandy

5cl, 20cl, 50cl

Tour Eiffel Olive Oil


Plates Street of Paris

90grs, 7 Artisanal Biscuits

Tour Eiffel Biscuits

23grs, Caramel with Sea Salt from Guérande

Lollipops Tour Eiffel

130grs, Multicolor

Tour Eiffel Sugar Canes

Paris in a Bottle:

“Paris in a Bottle” is a brand of Vinessen.

Spirit of Brandy: 

Under contract for more than ten years, Vinessen supplies the shops of the Eiffel Tower as well as Duty-free shops in France. With its own warehouse, Vinessen bottles all its products.

Olive oil

: Olive oil, is also present in the Eiffel Tower and in duty-free shops, the olive oil is extracted under cold conditions which tends to turn more to a feminine clientele. Approval Oniol 83119N/o.

Street signs of Paris

: Models are protected with the INPI, furthermore this range is exclusive to Vinessen. The tags are silvered and subway tickets are used as secondary labels.