“Le Domaine de la Garnaude”

The twenty three hectares of the Le Domaine extend over the Plain of the Moors, near Gonfaron, a famous small village typical of Provence where the cicada sings , also called “the country of flying donkeys”“. The region is an important traditional wine producer.

On the domain various vines rub shoulders ; Syrah, Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre, Cinsault and Rolle. These varieties of grapes fall under the title : Protected Origin of Côte du Provence, and for the Protected Geographical Indication of Pays des Maures : Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan Noir, Merlot, Grenache and Ugni Blanc.

Respectful cultural practices and traditional wine storehouses combine age old traditions with innovations in order to reap the best of the land. Every stage of the wine making process is carried out on the company’s land, from the culture of the vineyards, the bottling to the marketing without forgetting the grape harvest. Each step strictly follows European standards of hygiene and food safety and respects the environment. Above all, Vinessen wishes to be attuned to its soil.

The wines are sold on site allowing the sellers to provide advice and serving suggestions not only to the visitors but also distributors Francewide and abroad. They interest wine merchants, sales agents, collective structures, and even oenological-clubs. The wines are sent and sold over France and Europe.

Two ranges of wines are proposed: -Local wines of the Moors: fresh, they possess floral and fruity notes.

-“Côte de Provence” wines as Red, White and Rosé are in the flavours of red, full bodied, well rounded, harmonious, fruity undertones. Our wines sing of the sun of Provence. By signing the Charter of the Wine Independent Producer, « Le Domainde de la Garnaude » made a commitment to produce high-quality and natural wines.

Our Medals

IGP Des Maures Rosé / Or Paris 2016

AOC Côtes de Provence Coeur / Argent Paris 2016

AOC Côtes de Provence Blanc Cuvée 777/ Or Paris 2016

AOC Côtes de Provence Rouge Cuvée 777/ Or Paris 2016