Vineyards of 4 Chemins



The Cave des 4 Chemins is located in the heart of the appellation Cotes du Rhône Méridionales. The cellar is in the old Baronnie de Sabran, at the base of the Serre de Bernon.

It was in 1957 that some winegrowers decided to create Vinification Center for Fine Wines of Laudun and Côtes du Rhône. To improve the quality of the wine and make a production in bottles, they decided to be very rigorous in the choice of the grape varieties, the methods of vinification and the equipment of the cellar.

The first harvest was successfully carried out in 1960.

Since then, enlargements and other improvements have been undertaken. Today the vineyard extends over 700 hectares of vineyards, spread on 20 different communes and gathering more than 80 winegrowers.

Many technical, oenological and commercial efforts allow us today to develop great wines and to be able to set up in all France and Northern Europe.

Our oldest piece of Grenache Noir dates back to 1901!

Besides our good reputation in red, the terroir where our vineyard is, is considered to be the best to produce great white Cotes du Rhone. Indeed our soil rich in limestone and schist allows us to develop the most beautiful cuvées.

Country : France

Region : Sud de la France


Since : 2006