Château Montel



The domain passed on from generation to generation. The cellar, erected in Teyran in 1872, is built with local stones dating from 19st century. The wine is raised, assembled and bottled there. The vineyards extends today on 70 hectares and 4 villages : Vacquières, Corconne, Teyran and Saint-Drézéry, the smallest appellation (only 5 producers) .

Anecdote : “Aïci biscan not” is the Occitan device, written on the cellar fronton by our ancestor François in 1872. It means : “Here, we do not grumble”, what we can translate by “serenity in this place”. Humanist, he had a requirement of quality of life and work, for a high production quality.

Distinctions : Awarded annually . Nos meilleurs terroirs, les AOP : Languedoc, Saint-Drézéry (très petite appellation, seulement 5 producteurs aujourd’hui), Pic Saint-Loup.



Country : France

Region : Languedoc

Owner : Frédéric MONTEL

Since : 1872