Château Gravettes – Samonac



Historians place the viticulture of Bourg around the second century, a period when the Romans planted the first plan of “Vitis Biturica” designated as the ancestor of the Cabernet. The Romans had already understood that the richness of the soil, the climate and the exposure of land on the right bank of the river were conducive to the establishment of the vineyard.
And, until the ninth century, the wine trade has been accompanied by the tin. The latter is added to that of the stone. Today, the ancient quarries are home to places where planted on limestone layers. They keep track of many galleries also sign the construction of Bordeaux.
This data fits into the landscape and contributes to the history of the vineyard as the appellation alternates between gravelly soils, silty clay and limestone.

Château Gravettes Samonac uses a traditionnal vinification process in order to respect the beauty of the Cotes de Bourg wines.

Rewarding mention : Wine with a lot of medals.

Country : France

Region : Bordeaux