Château Le Joncieux



At the end of the Hundred Years War, Aquitaine, an English province, was devastated. The king of France, Charles VII, ordered a portion of land to be given to the peasants who wished to work it. Coming from the department of La Meuse, where the name “Juillon” originates, some of them arrived in Aquitaine land.

It is the testamentary act of August 2, 1695 that confirms the origin of the property where the name of Juillon in Berson appears. The word “winemaker” in Berson parish is mentioned for the first time on a parchment dated April 2, 1741.

Then, on April 29, 1929, there was the marriage between Norbert Juillon and Eva Meynard, respective owners of the vineyard and grandparents of the current owner Franck Juillon.

Valuing remarks: Ownership in the family since August 2, 1695

Country : France

Region : New Aquitaine


Since : 1695